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Why it all started?

If you are happy and satisfied with your life, you can move mountains. If there's something missing, the power is in your hands to get to that point. You can and you will! We are more than sure of it.

Going through life and dealing with it gives you so many lessons, experience, and in the end wisdom. Once you understand the origin of the thing that bugs you, you see the world much more clearly.

This project got started to share ideas, offer a helping hand and let you know that no matter what you are going through or striving for, you’ve got this. You’ve got what it takes to tackle the obstacles and issues that cross your path on daily basis. Let us help you on your way to becoming the best version of yourself you always wanted to be.

We are in this together !

Common sense and a bit of stubbornness. Live the way you want, do what you love and just enjoy the journey that lies ahead. The world is ours, remember that!

Other than that ...

About the name

Valerie originates from Latin and it stands for strong and healthy. Valerie represents a stunning girl. She seem to be quiet, but in truth she is wild, fun and overall amazing person.

About the girl who started it

Hello! My name is Nina and I am a very busy lady with so many things I want to create. I work as a designer/developer and have many many hobbies, dreams, and goals that sometimes get sidelined because the day just doesn’t have enough hours to do everything I have to and want to. I’ve been through some rough times, but I managed to work through a heavy workload while doing my best to follow my dreams, and am very proud to achieve some barely achievable things. I started this project to write down what I’ve learned along the way that just cannot be easily found just anywhere, the things that you figure out while stuff doesn’t go the way it was planned. I wanted to take all the life that has thought me and use it as a motive to express myself through art and designs that will hopefully help you too – either to get through hard times or to reach the stars. The world is yours, my love!