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Find a new job! If you hate the current one so much…

It is a nice Sunday afternoon. After an amazing and also pleasantly strenuous weekend you enjoy the last hours on your cosy couch when your mind suddenly goes to the unpleasant thoughts of weekend being over. Nervousness kicks in and the good mood is disappearing in the distance. Have you ever thought you need a new job?

Next thing you know it’s around 7AM and this is the third time you hit the snooze button on your phone. Even with your favourite song playing it is absolutely unbearable to listen. You hit it again and delay the getting out of the bed for another 9 minutes. The reason behind it is that you REALLY don’t want to go to work.

Sounds familiar? Hopefully not, but if you find yourself in this sentences, you need a change, girl. Quit it and find a new job!

If something makes you unhappy in this way, you have to get rid of it. You only live once became a cliché these days but seriously you have to be happy and satisfied with you life. Being in a situation that provokes such darknesses will negatively impact on all aspects of your life. It is not just a job and you cannot just ignore it if it ruins your weekends. Soon there won’t only be the weekends that will be ruined but also the relationships, health and ultimately your life.

People are creatures of habit. It can be tough to change your life, to find a new job or even a new career. There are million reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but if things are not great as described, you should find a new job.

Consider your health

It starts with not wanting to go to work and it continues with wanting to avoid it. Next thing you know you get cranky when the weekends end, start to snap at your close ones who have no idea what hit them. You spend most of your time at work so being unhappy there and thinking how you don’t like it at home can have long term consequences on your health too. It might also lead you to medical conditions like anxiety and depression in the long term.

Find a new job!

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Not to mention the quality of work you do. You probably don’t go around the firm asking what else needs to be done or how you can contribute to the company’s well being, right? You may even avoid working and complete your tasks with as little effort as possible. Think about your employer for a second. He may be a **** for whatever reason but this is not the point here. What if you were your employer? Would you like to have an employee as unhappy as you are? Wouldn’t you want the employee to leave your company if he was unhappy?

If you do not find yourself in these words, perhaps you’re just lazy? Wanna know why are you so lazy?

Happy people, better world

Yes, I am overreacting a bit, but you see the point? And yes, there are not many people that are that unsatisfied with their jobs, but they exist. And to those I throw the rope of salvation. Everybody should be happy and satisfied with their jobs and with their lives. We’ve all met the cranky bus driver, a nice nurse or a bitchy shoe salesman. Have you ever wondered why are they not happy? It can be the job or it can be million other reasons that bugs them. Nevertheless happy people contribute to happier and better world, cranky ones just can’t because they have tones of issues they can’t solve and it makes them… Well unhappy.

Find a new job immediately

Finding a new job can be though, trust me I know. The job interviews can be stressful and writing a resume frustrating. But it is a stepping stone to a better job so I suggest you take them seriously not only from the obvious point of view – to impress the interviewers – but also get to know the company before you even apply to a job interview. Try to find what is it like to work for them, what is the company culture like and if it would fit you and your lifestyle.

It is not the 50’s anymore when job security meant to land a job and stay there for the lifetime with occasional promotions and salary raises. These day job security means more to be satisfied with your work that aligns with your life purpose. This might be tough but if you really want to do something and if you work for it, you will eventually succeed.

When finding a new job make sure to answer these questions:

  • How can this new job positively contribute to my life?
  • How can I contribute to the company?
  • What are the positive and possible the negative outcomes with this new job?

It is crucial that you are as picky as job interviewers when picking a new job. They are searching for the best person to fit the position and so should you – find the best job to fit you. Perhaps give some platforms like Indeed a try.

For the end…

So… Stop reading this blog (and I really should not say that, it’s bad for view count) and start a little digging into your soul. What would you really like to do for a living? Write down some ground rules and start searching for a new job, new career or even new life purpose.