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Feeling like you’re flying solo on this journey to achieve that dream body you’ve been longing for? No worries, we’ve got your back! This weight loss journal is tailor-made with the input of real women who’ve been through it all, to help you reach your goal weight.

No more feeling lost or overwhelmed! With this journal, you can effortlessly track every step of your weight loss journey on a daily basis. Stay consistent and focused as you work your way towards that perfect weight you’ve always wanted. Let’s make this journey a breeze and celebrate your progress along the way! You’ve got this!

The problem

Ready to conquer the challenge of shedding those pesky pounds? It’s not just about diet and exercise, though they play a vital role. We all know it’s not a walk in the park, otherwise, we’d all be supermodels by now, right?

No more lonely struggles – we’ll be your cheerleaders throughout the way! Introducing our fantastic weight loss journal, with a fantastic BONUS: expert tips and tricks to keep you on track and lose weight the healthy way! So, are you up for the challenge? Let’s do this, and let’s do it with a big, joyful smile!

How will it help you lose weight?

Introducing our nifty Weight loss journal on post-it notes! You get a whopping 50 sheets, enough to cover your journey for a whole 50 weeks. But wait, there’s more! As a special bonus, we’ve packed it with detailed instructions on how to make the most of it, along with some fantastic tips and tricks to ensure you triumph on your weight loss journey. This little gem is your ticket to finally achieving that dream body. Let’s do this together!

The bonus will also help you craft your personal weight loss plan. You’ll be able to calculate your calorie intake based on your unique wieght and lifestyle, but it will also help you plan for success.

How to use it?

  1. Plan your week with WEEKLY GOALS section! Before the hustle begins, jot down your daily targets. From the hours of beauty sleep to liters of hydrating water, set calorie goals, and exercise routines. Stay organized and focused!
  2. Keep tabs on your daily progress with our awesome DAY-BY-DAY TRACKING feature! Record everything – weight, workouts, water intake, and food. Dive into the nitty-gritty with macronutrient details, workout difficulty, DOMS (we feel you!), day difficulty, hunger levels, and sleep quality.
  3. Crunch those numbers with WEEKLY AVERAGES! At the end of the week, analyze your food intake, sleep, workout time, water sips, and weight. Get valuable insights into your performance and how close you are to your goals. Make each day count, and let those averages soar!
  4. Measure your success with BODY MEASUREMENTS! Don’t forget to check your progress weekly. Watch those inches melt away and celebrate your transformation! You’ve got this!


We offer 2 design style with imperial / metric system variation. Imperial system version starts week on Sunday, the measurements used are lbs, fl, in and for Metric system version week starts on Monday with measurements kg, cm and l.

Design style

BOHO metric (Monday/kg/cm/l), FLUO metric (Monday/kg/cm/l), BOHO imperial (Sunday/lbs/in/fl), FLUO imperial (Sunday/lbs/in/fl)