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Go for it and go get it – motivational quotes that will fuel your motivation

Motivational quote #1: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

– Robert Collier

There are many ways to fuel your motivation, but there’s no shortcut to doing what needs to be done to get the thing you want. Nonetheless having motivation on your side is the first step towards it. We’ve gathered together some motivational quotes that will boost you to get off your backside and do the things that you need to in order to get the thing you want.


Here are some quick tips for you on how to reach your goal

Set achievable goals and make a plan to reach them. Break big goals into smaller ones to stay motivated and energized. While walking the path to your goal, remember to celebrate small successes. This will keep you motivated along the way and help you build momentum toward your bigger goal.

It is not always easy and possible but do your best to surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage you. An accountability partner can be helpful in keeping you focused and motivated. If that is not an option for you, make sure to surround yourself with motivational quotes and thoughts. Write them down on post-its, stick them where you can see them, and change your phone background to remind you of what you’re after.

The steps you’ll have to take will not always be pleasant and enjoyable. But you’ll learn that you have to keep going because there’s no way around it. Help yourself by reading motivational quotes, stories of people who succeeded, and learn how they coped with issues you are running into on your path. Ask around. People love to share their findings.

And never ever forget, that this might be a slow process, but do not give up easily just because it seems things are not moving fast enough. You’ll see, in the end, it will be worth it.