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Be true to yourself

Hey, you! It is time for us to have a talk. Have you looked yourself in the mirror today? What did you see? I bet that you saw one lovely lady staring back at you looking a tiny bit confused about how the styling fits her. Don’t worry, you look perfect. Be true to yourself and admit you are amazing.

I have probably never met you, but this is what I know about you despite that fact:

  • You are special;
  • You are a needle in a haystack;
  • You are not ordinary;
  • You are beautiful, both on the inside as well as on the outside;
  • You are absolutely lovely;

Do I need to go on?

If you do not agree with most of those sentences it is time for a change, girl. There is a good chance that confidence isn’t your “strong suit” and it really should be. Besides, it doesn’t cost anything but it feels utterly amazing.

I am who I am

You might not be perfect, but guess what? No one else is. You might have a flaw here and there but you also have some really great qualities that make you an amazing woman. Be true to yourself. You are who you are and there is absolutely no need for you to change unless you really want to. If you are not happy with yourself now, there’s a good chance that even when you change this or that you still won’t be satisfied. Everything starts with you and in this moment.

You have to accept who you are and be happy with yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do. You are your own universe so spin the way you want to spin. Do what a lady you would like to be would do. You are special, right? So act like it. Be you, be true to yourself and be proud to be different. Be the best you that you can be.

Embrace the change if you’d like to change. But change only what you feel needs to be changed. Do not change for others. Ever. Change only what will help you become a better person and happier woman.

Be true to yourself, who cares what others will say

Be kind, be true to yourself, help others and be grateful for every moment here on earth. For what is worth, this is far better than bitching around and focusing on bad things. Be courageous and don’t let anyone put you down. There are times, that you will want to shout out a big fat “F** you!, but calm down and don’t let it disturb you. Nothing good can come out of you losing your mind and not much positive can come out of a fight. Nonetheless it is probably a lesson in disguise that will help you sometime in the future.

It is utterly insane to do things that will please other people. I am talking about pleasing people just to gain their approval. It is not the right way to go. Be true to yourself and never change your opinion or your actions just so that someone will except you. That someone has to except you for who you are otherwise he or she isn’t worth of having you in his or her life.

Be true to yourself

Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash

Do not over think what people would say if you do this or if that happens. Do it anyway and stand up straight and face the haters. Hold your had up high and be true to yourself.

You are not your opinion and you are not your behaviour. Your life and being should not be judged solely on what you say or do, not even by you. Because you are so much more than that. Those just complement you.

Do not fear anything

Be brave and do not let the fear get the best of you. Help yourself and learn how to overcome fear. Dare to be different, be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to change or get rid of what limits you, because it is crucial that you do everything that you desire to to reach your full potential, fulfil your goals and reach your dreams.

Once and for all you have to get rid of fear of what others will think. The thing is that no one really has the right to judge the other, but all of us for some reason feel like we can do so. This is not right and remember that most of judging comes from peoples’ own insecurities. So the next time someone has a vicious comment for you, think about what might he or she be insecure about that provoke him or her to say that.

Have your voice and do not be afraid to use it.

Have your own opinion and notice others’. Do not be afraid to say what you have to say. You have as much right to speak up as anyone else. Most importantly – what makes you think you should be quiet and they can talk?

Stand for yourself. Stand behind your words and decisions and take the blame for your mistakes. Find a way to correct them. Be graceful. Be careful what you say. Words are free but the wrong use of them might cost you. And most importantly:

If you need to speak up, don’t raise your voice, improve your arguments.

Be creative, dare

Unleash your creativity. Think outside the box. Find alternatives. Find what you really love and find the way how to do it. Creativity will help you on every step of your way. Think about new ways to combine your clothes, new flavours to use in the kitchen and new colours to add to your life. Let the creativity empowers you and helps you to be true to yourself.

Wear what empowers you

Put on a bold lipstick. If everyone is wearing trousers, wear a skirt. Or the other way around. Wear clothes that empower you. Feel good, feel beautiful and be true to yourself every step of your way. Be mindful of what you put on and remember that this is a part of your self care and love. Besides that show yourself how much you mean to yourself by taking care of your body and your mind.

Be true to yourself

Photo by Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

Take this challenge to boost your confidence

Every day this week you wake up write down on a piece of paper something positive about you – a positive habit, what makes you proud of yourself or specially a nice personal feature. Write everything down on one piece of paper and make sure the writing is large enough. When you note for the day is written down, say to yourself: “Be true to yourself”. Remember that sentence every time your confidence betrays you. At the end of the week paste the piece of paper by the mirror or in you wardrobe or anywhere you will see it everyday. Eventually it will help you to get rid of self doubts and to think more positively about yourself.

Gandhi once said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It all starts with you.