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Empower women to reach their full potential = Article 0

It all started with one wish – to write down every useful knowledge acquired so far so it can be read at a later time and reminded of certain conclusions made at the time. The idea to share it with the world came up a few months later and we are super proud to finally share with you the first post that will be the first in line to empower women worldwide.

Why to empower woman?

Simply – because we are women and we want to help our “kind”. In the past few decades our gender has risen up from male dominance (at least in the western world) and our roles in society significantly changed. Besides being a mother and a housewife we go to work and many of us have strong careers that usually aren’t compatible with the roles of a wife and a mother. Not to mention our wishes, hopes and goals that we want to achieve besides all that.


Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

There are so many great things in life that can be experienced and so many dreams to be followed. We, women are emotional creatures. This can sometimes hold us back. We are sometimes too responsible, to worried or to scared even to act on our biggest dreams. Sadly they too often get squashed by the belief “I can not do it.” But you can. If you want it bad enough and if you are really willing to work for it, there is a way for you to live your dreams.

Why now?

There were times in the past when a blog like this would come in handy for our authors. Because we, even thou we are strong successful women, sometimes need a big push to help us reach the unachievable that we so desperately want. And because sometimes we are down and don’t know how to get back up. At that time we need to be caressed and told that everything will in fact be OK. This is where this blog can provide a guidance with a little fun to it. This is where we want to help you. Our mission is to empower women and mainly to empower you to follow your dreams and to make the best of your life.

It’s not about feminism

This blog isn’t about feminism or wanting to prove that we as women are in any way better than man. We believe we should be equal and both strive to reach our full potential knowing our limitations and defying them when needed. Above all we should complement each other and treat the opposite gender with a great deal of respect.

Even thou we turned our attention towards empowering women that doesn’t mean men can’t make the most of reading what we have to say. Men, you’re welcome!

How will we empower women

We would like to share our experiences, thoughts, tips and tricks how to survive in modern day jungle and motivate you to become whoever you always want to be. Our main weapon will be our blog where we will share the knowledge and life lessons. You’re most welcome to comment and give us your opinion on the subject. Our next weapon in line are our quotes especially selected for you. We are picky when selecting quotes. Those most dear to us are those funny ones with an important life lesson and those which will make you squeeze your teeth and endure the pain and obstacles that life throws at you.

Our last but not least weapon is our merchandise – our art and design that you can purchase in our shop. Its main purpose is to constantly remain you of your goals, that you can do anything and that everything is in your reach. Wear the t-shirt that says “You go girl” or hang the poster “Never complain and never explain” to your wall. Let them encourage and motivate you every day.

We work hard to provide you the best content we can come up with. In return we would like to kindly ask you for a donation or to buy something from our shop. Even a small donation or purchase will make us super happy and even more motivated to deliver you the best piece of our minds that will empower women, meaning to empower you.

Team that will empower women

We are a dedicated team of passionate women full of fresh ideas and inspiration who would like to share their views with other women. Our mission is to empower women to achieve their full potential in life no matter what area of expertise she works in or what desires she has. We believe that with our knowledge and life experience can help to empower women all over the planet and in this way help them to achieve their dreams and goals. If you’d like to know more about us read this. But of course you can also contact us.

Girls, let’s conquer the world and have fun doing it!

If you’d like to join our team of authors to help us empower women, you are most welcome! Write to us.